A Poem on Music

Music; it ignites me and elevates me,

Keeps the fire in my soul burning,

The ecstasy it drives me,

In accordance with neuronal bursts,

My love for it craves me to thereby listen to it,

To iterate on and on for eternity,

And persuades me to hold with this voyage, that of life.

It aberrates my rigidness, hitherto turning into subliminal abstraction,

Whence carving my conscious to assent into unprecedented & unforeseen heights.


The lesson I learn is that of connectedness,

It opens up new horizons in my eternal search,

The abstract unconscious search for that of patterns,

That makes man unleash his omnipotence,

Not of power or might but the ability,

To strive for decisions which epitomize us,

That makes us distinct so much from each other,


Embracing the power of our infinite mind,

From epsilons of thought,

We create rather large landscape that we immerse ourselves into,

The affine beauty befalls,

Whilst Exemplifying & retracing the hidden symmetry in nature and time.


It makes me connect to a world made of possibilities,

However convoluted it might be to access,

The world which I cast and perceive,

It boosts my appetite for cognitive ecstasy,

Music paves for me a path of permanence,

It unties the frail juxtaposed knots
It helps me contemplate my life ,

It relieves me from the temporal catharsis,

Music it takes me to an eternal abode.

A Poem on Music.pdf


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