Author: Soumitra Keshi

The time is here at the corner,

We are left behind,

Lives come and pass,

Feeling the need to make up to its pace,

We sometimes feel if this really is a race?

The point is focus & perseverance, not going inside the maze.

There may be many manifests of us which turn out to be virtual and involutions.

Collapsing into voids, we seek for a true world, in which we feel true happiness and satisfaction.

However convoluted it may be to access and perceive,

But time is eternal; it is the true test which stands out

Shaping and casting our thoughts and emotions,

We are left influenced and stricken by its very presence.

The necessity to transcend beyond is nothing new,

Something mankind has taken refuge to do.

But don’t we love and appreciate tones in music which are repetitive?

Does this connection tell us something you would ask?

It need not always be doing new things, it is about doing things in a elegant, different way.

Might be want an intellectual would say.

To be continued.



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