Articles of Philosophical Nature

[Draft] On Characteristics of highly intelligent, idealism founders, purists.


  • These categories of people in a general sense do focus on specific areas of interest. Moreover they don’t portray or project as if they know everything. But they do try to give their insights when asked and these would be genuine unbiased insights of an un-conventional nature.
  • They are ones who are always looking forward to see if their philosophy, decisions stand independently of (in accordance to incoherent manifestation of thoughts) while not dissipating out with time when traversing through diverse shifts in states of mind and are also willing to even accommodate quagmire to rationalize them.
  • They are naïve and posses child-like enthusiasm. This naivety does account for purity and also lack the usual bias formalistic educations leads us to (they deny or face excruciating pain when they are asked to do so).
  • They doubt their own intelligence relative to others. This deceives their own ego whilst always being on the way to put more creative efforts rather than dry ones.
  • They intrinsically are very open-minded people and love discussions of an informal nature. Love to be proven wrong.
  • They are down-to-earth and cold-spoken. They always check if they have not said anything wrong or offended anyone.
  • They know how to let their subconscious mind guide them through everything.

To be continued.


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