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On Learning Effectively – Techniques and Strategies

Author: Soumitra Keshi

1.One strategy goes as follows and I love to call it the sandwich principle; Start your day with things or activities you are more familiar with, and can do with less effort. (Say) solving problems whose theory you are well aware of, can understand and imbibe provided you have read the reference. This will help you feel and keep motivated. You will even be able to focus entirely, having less probability of failure or getting demoralized.

This is true in practice. Let’s say you attempt to solve a problem you are completely unfamiliar or un-acquainted to proceed with.

You can wilfully apply the sandwich the problem, or task in between your events of success. This would help your cognitive faculties perform optimally and also let your  neuronal circuitry traverse in the most effective algorithmic path. The underlying reason to this as our brain works on positive feedback mechanism loop or uses rewards to perform optimally.

2. Try to find the reason of everything, our mind cannot remember without reason.

“All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.”  – Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason

3. Try to visualize and grasp intuitively by connecting various ideas, insights.

4. Be silent for as when you do; you connect with various other senses. One consequence of this is ability to detach. Don’t let other thoughts distract you.

5. Think logically and build by example and then generalize!

This is the first step for you to connect to your subconscious landscape. The conscious mind constrains you and your abilities and potency.

6. Deduce, Reason, Conjecture!

7. Never, ever give up amidst any difficulty. Pick on what you feel like doing (interests) and don’t stop come whatever may!

8. Pick your own corner in an ambient and cool isolated place, and immerse yourself into this ecstatic and immaculate process of enlightenment. Entangle the neuronal circuitry of your brain and provoke yourself with thoughts and nothing else. (Thought provoking isn’t it?) The greatest decision is to devote ourselves to understand the most fundamental and rudimentary.

9. Devise your very own way of working stuff out! You will be more satisfied than anything else. You will also gain more insight on rather subtle and abstract ways to think. Try out different ways of getting to a certain place.



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