philosophical quotes

Quotations – Excerpts from my Philosophical Thinking

Hello! This is my first post on this blog. These are just a few quotes written by me.

Updated: 25/3/2016

Author : S. Keshi

• Don’t get affected by mere thoughts, for it is your perception and attention you assign that gives them life.

• Frail is the mind, soul permanent, body just a canopy of the former, life imminent.

• Thinking without direction is just like a perpetual soul imminently taking birth.

• Thoughts in life are like dispersed phase in a relentless medium of thinking.

• The quagmire of despair, agony, triumph, etc is a setting on the grounds of expectation.

• Religious constraints – You are just treading on your manifested cobwebs.

• Mathematics is at the heart of sublime abstraction.

• Once a soul enters the dark labyrinth of mathematical thinking, it cannot leave for it is a perpetual cycle.

• I do not bother or at the very least care about applications in mathematics, it’s rather not aesthetically appealing.

• Life is given to me not by chance but by a matter of responsibility.

• If there is something an individual keeps acquiring and continues till death is learning and the enrichment of knowledge, perseverance, this is by far the penultimate truth.

• Reality: On epistemological grounds, it is the manifestation of most intense thoughts colliding to give way to reality.

• Patience it persuades me, it is the setting which can unravel me, which an intellectual should pursue by silence.

• Knowledge it is omnipotent which by far orients our true self.

• Even the very feeling of pursuing & visualizing abstract and pure mathematics is of a sublime nature. Virtually constructing a convoluted pattern out of nothing where the only bound are our cognitive abilities.

• To foster cognitive ability, an individual has to invoke within him a fine blend of ingenuine thinking, exposure, realization(of work) being deeply immersed into which will elicit him to unforeseen and intangible heights of ecstasy.

• There is nothing that changes, yet we do change in accord to the drift of time to get aberrated for we wouldn’t wish to stagnate in.

• Music has foremost role to play in our lives from dilating our cognitive abilities to opening new horizons in our search for patterns.

• It is rather important to conceive the essence of one’s speech, rather than his voice pattern; the beauty lies within not in his eloquence which is a matter of taste and opinion. Whilst it is important in a certain way that people are attracted to the whole experience rather than the essence. But appreciation should reflect the state of acceptance of a person’s thoughts with ours.

• Solving problems is like crystallizing patterns.

• Just like one cannot learn problem solving without solving problems, it is similarly hard to intercept methods, strategies, dilemmas he could potentially encounter if he has not traversed in that particular pursuit.

• The consciousness we imbibe, the perception we conceive, the belief system we cast and the decisions we leverage hitherto shape and scribe our reality.

• Don’t try to explain to people who aren’t willing to learn, you’re wasting your time and they don’t care about their life. Further, life is more about the latter hierarchy or type of people who are always looking forward to see if their philosophy, decisions stand independently of (in accordance to incoherent manifestation of thoughts) while not dissipating out with time when traversing through diverse shifts in states of mind and are also willing to even accommodate quagmire to rationalize them.


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