On ethical value, possessed and exhibited by individuals

On ethical value

To air is human. Our actions and behaviour intrinsically reflect our characteristic state of mind (to say the least). Yes, they indeed speak a lot more. They are a gate to our subconscious mind. They do speak about our innate needs and desires. For the most intense of the thoughts are the most severe and sustained, being the ones which we adopt.

Digressing from this, let us consider some more ideas which lead the path to ethics and moral on a rational point of view. What separates man from animal?

I will consider some of the most characteristic differences pertaining to this discussion. The first being emotional intelligence, love and responsibility. These three in fact lay the foundation to our ethics, moral and rationality,

What is love?

It is a state of unconditional support on the receiver. The relation does not matter and is arbitrary. It is pure and not illicit.

Thus, it suffices to say that there remains no ground for jealousy, differences or other acts which partition our rationality and induce negative emotions which on the other hand, partition or deplete our energy.

This feedback mechanism builds our ethical value, building on its way to austerity and the sublime.


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