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Symmetry is at the heart of mathematics and is found abundantly in nature. What is a more central notion than that of symmetry? There is none. There is sufficient order in chaos, enough for us to exploit the symmetry. Symmetry is by its own way very powerful which drives our intuition. To end it all… Continue reading Symmetry


Life as I perceive

Life as I perceive it is all about discovering a particular kind of theory or philosophy. We make the theory more refined or general by the passage of time (gaining insights), and with rigor, intuition. While we do so this explicit or rather pedantic nature of ours helps us to evade out all the unnecessary… Continue reading Life as I perceive


On ethical value, possessed and exhibited by individuals

On ethical value To air is human. Our actions and behaviour intrinsically reflect our characteristic state of mind (to say the least). Yes, they indeed speak a lot more. They are a gate to our subconscious mind. They do speak about our innate needs and desires. For the most intense of the thoughts are the… Continue reading On ethical value, possessed and exhibited by individuals

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On the Nature of Pure Mathematics

On the Nature of Pure Mathematics --Brief idea about pure mathematics-- Mathematics is one of the purest forms of science and art. It permeates every other discipline of natural sciences, engineering, etc.  So, what does pure mean here or how do we perceive it would be the reader’s natural question. By pure we generally mean… Continue reading On the Nature of Pure Mathematics

Articles of Philosophical Nature

Mathematics is not complex

Mathematics is not convoluted or complex, it requires thinking or being able to foresee ideas without loss of generality (thinking in general terms or abstract way). A mathematician looks primarily for structure, symmetry, ingenuity, etc. Lacking in being able to attain this state of mind explicitly is the only difficulty. If an individual can circumvent… Continue reading Mathematics is not complex

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Quotations – Excerpts from my Philosophical Thinking

Hello! This is my first post on this blog. These are just a few quotes written by me. Updated: 25/3/2016 Author : S. Keshi • Don’t get affected by mere thoughts, for it is your perception and attention you assign that gives them life. • Frail is the mind, soul permanent, body just a canopy… Continue reading Quotations – Excerpts from my Philosophical Thinking

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On Learning Effectively – Techniques and Strategies

Author: Soumitra Keshi 1.One strategy goes as follows and I love to call it the sandwich principle; Start your day with things or activities you are more familiar with, and can do with less effort. (Say) solving problems whose theory you are well aware of, can understand and imbibe provided you have read the reference.… Continue reading On Learning Effectively – Techniques and Strategies

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On absolute artistic beauty

Author: Soumitra Keshi Beauty in any intrinsic artistic form is of a relative order no matter how we perceive it. Just like many other things in this imperfect world. In the same manner as we cannot draw a perfect circle. From which we infer that perfection exists in an abstract realm (our imaginative art form)… Continue reading On absolute artistic beauty